Sunday, August 13, 2006

See the Spin at Metropolitan

Come to Metropolitan Golf Links this Saturday, August 19, to see an exciting competition in the fledgling National Golf League. Competitions pit teams of players against each other. It's sort of like the Ryder Cup. The NGL encourages fans to get involved in the action. From the NGL Web site:

Fans are showing more curiosity and exuberance and are eager to applaud a good shot but often are reluctant to root for a particular player. Like other sports, the city pride created by the NGL will influence the fans and media perpetuating the competitive momentum.

The idea of “team play” will enhance the game of golf with new strategies and innovative coaching techniques. It will establish new rivalries that mirror other sports. As the popularity increases, media will have a new, stimulating league to extend its coverage to increased audiences. Players are enthusiastic about a new venue, one that offers an alternative to the traditional tours. Like other professional leagues, the NGL will cater to its customer - the golf fan and create a new accessible stage.

There are two divisions, Northern and Southern California, with six teams in each division. The league plans to expand to other parts of the country next year.

Teams include pros and amateurs, men and women. Metropolitan Golf Links is the home course to one of the teams, the San Francisco Spin. Team members include NCGA points player and frequent Metro golfer Doug Sager; Metro employee Aris Pope; and recent Golf Channel Big Break participant Divina Delasin.

Read about the National Golf League in the San Francisco Chronicle and Davis Enterprise. Listen to a KCBS interview with National Golf League founder Bob Aube here (MP3).

The competition begins at 1 pm. See you there!

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