Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chipping: Working it out

My chipping has been bad lately. Very, very bad. I had gotten in the habit of chipping with one club - my lob wedge - thinking I could just vary my swing based on the distance I needed. I was horribly imprecise with the lob wedge, so I spent some time on Metro's short game area trying to find a different, more effective chipping method. It was a mental exercise more than anything. I've decided to go use one chipping motion - always the same length of swing - with different clubs. I worked out that a lob wedge chip will go about 6 paces, a sand wedge 8 paces, gap wedge 10 paces, etc. I go all the way down to a six iron. And let me tell ya, it's working like magic. I'm getting it very close all of the sudden, and I feel good about chipping again. What a relief.

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