Monday, May 21, 2007

Danzig wins Oakland City Putting Championship

The 2nd annual Oakland City Putting Championship has been decided. Daniel Danzig is the winner, for which he received a $250 gift certificate to the Metro pro shop. Danzig got a first round bye due to a no-show, then defeated opponents in the semi-final and final rounds. Danzig staged a strong comeback in the final -- he was two holes down after 9, but finished off his opponent on the 16th hole. Here's a photo I snapped of our winner standing next to Metro GM Darryl Davis.

Danzig's opponent in the final round was Gary Shingleton, who topped 2006 champ Doug Sager in the semi-finals. Shingleton didn't go home empty-handed: He walked away with a $150 gift certificate. Here's a photo of Gary, along with Danzig and Davis.