Thursday, October 05, 2006

Metro juniors to meet Tiger Woods

Saturday, 10 members of the Metropolitan Junior Golf Program will get a chance to learn from the master. They'll attend a clinic by Tiger Woods at the Tiger Woods Foundation in Anaheim.

The young golfers earned the honor by being top performers in a competition that included a skills challenge. They were also judged on their attendance record and knowledge of rules and etiquette. Not only do they get to meet the best golfer in the world -- Tiger's foundation is picking up the tab for the flight, hotel and a couple of days at Disneyland. And that includes lucky parents, too. Congrats to these Metro juniors:

Linda Brown
Catherine Chan
Cristina Chan
Olivia Chang
Acen Datuin
Maria Davis
Portia Kenney
Roderick Kenney
Sean Li
Joshua Yuen

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