Monday, October 30, 2006

New PGA Professional at Metro

John Landers, who recently joined the staff of Metropolitan Golf Links after a long teaching career at Penmar Golf Course near Venice, CA, was elected to PGA membership earlier this month.

Becoming a PGA Professional is a long, rigorous process that involves test after test, both written and skills-based.

Landers passed his playing test on his fourth attempt on a course in Palm Springs. He enjoyed the pressure.

"I loved being on the razor's edge," said Landers.

Landers worked to become a PGA member for several years. Why go through the process?

"If I didn't keep learning, my students wouldn't keep learning," said Landers.

In order to become a member, candidates must make a professional presentation to other PGA members. Landers chose skin cancer as his topic. To that end, Landers has some advice to Metro golfers.

"Lather up with sunscreen every time you play," he said.

You'll find Landers behind the counter in the pro shop, where he's learning more about the business side of the golf industry. Make sure to say hello.

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